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The ExtenZe male enhancement pills offer great results and are avaliable a stores across the US.
It's the number 1 selling pill for men since it launch.
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  • Get stronger erections
  • Last longer before you ejaculate
  • Your erections will last a lot longer
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extenze reviewsExtenZe is the latest male enhancement product to be unleashed upon the unsuspecting public.

So far, it has been warmly received by consumers across the globe who have been more than impressed by the remarkable value for money, dramatic improvement along with the positive benefits that it provides them.

The fact that the supplement also happens to have a fairly negligible number of side effects both in terms of number as well as severity has also gone a considerable length towards winning the heart of consumers.

Whilst ExtenZe is a very remarkable product when assessed and judged by its own merits, it is made all the more remarkable and commendable by virtue of the fact that the male enhancement market has been one that has its fair share of questionable products over the year.

Most of these products were nothing more than snake oil, useless and utterly redundant placebos. The only thing these products managed to inflate was the wallets of the people responsible for the production and distribution of them.

Does ExtenZe work

Yes, it works. For many consumers, that is the extent of their curiosity with a male enhancement product and they do not wish to concern themselves with the precise details of the product. An assurance that they are not throwing their money after a totally ineffectual product is the entire guarantee they need.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why ExtenZe pills work so well.

The ingredients that makes it work so well

extenze pillsMen who want to gain the male sexual prowess the holistic way should consider being nourished by a supplement that gives all the benefits and effects naturally with combined powers of essential components.

This is the main reason why other male enhancement pills fall short to their promise of providing the desired results to their users. However, with ExtenZe Male Enhancement Supplement, a complete set of beneficial effects can be gained because of the secret formula that comes with every tablet.

ExtenZe is fortified with folic acid and zinc. How important these minerals are to the male enhancement process? Folic acid provides formation of healthy red blood cells and zinc integrates protection to their structure; thus, allowing increased resistance. Optimal blood flow is needed for penile tissue growth and development as well as to correct any vascular problem that may cause erectile dysfunction.

The precursor hormones included in this male enhancement supplement (DHEA and pregnenolone), are incorporated to balance hormonal issues. Furthermore, the male hormonal system causes secondary male characteristics that include penile size which is one of the goals of ExtenZe.

The aphrodisiac effects of this supplement are provided by essential herbal extracts. Proven to be beneficial against many common diseases, the herbal complexes promote increased libido to further maximize the use of this wonder pill. This effect is the result of 3 herbal extracts: black pepper seed, Piper longum seed, and ginger root.

The important male enhancement effects of this supplement never stop there. What could be more satisfying than including prolonged and heightened sexual response in the list? Yes, ExtenZe is an amazing enhancer that it adds 17 beneficial ingredients which gives its user a more extended and pleasurable sexual experience. With these added ingredients like Yohimbe, Tribilus terrestris, Korean ginseng and many other, erectile as well as ejaculatory dysfunctions may be treated.

L-arginine and GABA are also contained in every tablet. These are amino acids that help to provide structure and strength to protein molecules in tissues and muscles. Penile size enhancement is aided by incorporating amino acids like L-arginine and GABA by building more tissue structure to the organ.

The secret formula is perfectly combined to give every user the effect of an overall virility enhancement. Adding to the ingredients are the nutrients incorporated in ExtenZe to give the male body the strength and resistance it needs. Lastly, heightened sexual performance is achieved naturally by the effects of herbal complexes.

Studies has been made about this product, let’s take a deeper look at one of them.

Claims based on studies

extenze boxpillsThere are a lot of male enhancement products in the market promising bigger, longer and better. So how do you find one that not just promises, but delivers? To find out if Extenze, a male sexual enhancement supplement, does what it says, a well-documented study has been carried out among 50 males who were between the ages of 21-59, and who reported problems with sexual stamina and endurance due to unhealthy and sedentary lifestyle. Most of them sadly report that they either climax prematurely, leaving them and their partners less than fully satisfied.

The participants were given three months’ worth of the dietary supplement, to be taken once daily. The test subjects were then asked to log what they will notice in their sex lives, or physical reactions to the supplement, while taking ExtenZe.

The participants were then asked to report back what they have observed for the first four weeks after taking the product. Out of 50, 42 have noticed that they can now “perform on demand” without feeling drained afterwards. They have also reported that they can stay erect longer until their partners achieve climax, too. What’s even better, 75% of the 42 happily report that achieving a bigger and harder penis benefited their spouses or sexual partners, and they too have reported longer-lasting pleasure.

The remaining eight have noticed very slight improvements, meaning they can achieve erection but not sustain it until orgasm.

There were no one in the test group who complained about any noticeable and inconvenient side effects.

It only takes eight weeks of religiously taking the supplements every day until maximum results can be achieved. So, on the eighth week, the subjects were then asked to report back on how far they have come since starting on the supplement, and the results are very encouraging.

Of the original 50 subjects, 44 have now reported that they are seeing huge improvements, literally. They are getting easily aroused, thanks to ExtenZe’s natural herbal ingredients that increase blood flow to the penis. They also report frequent sexual encounters that are mutually satisfying to their partners because of the increase in their penises’ length and girth. And since the time it takes to achieve climax varies from male to female, it is rather important for the males to achieve longer erection so that the women too, can achieve orgasm. Half of the 44 gladly report that they can even take two.

So what does this tell us about ExtenZe?

  1. Side effects are negligible, if any;
  2. Because of lifestyle differences (some reported alcohol intake more than once a week, and alcohol interferes with the body’s metabolism that allows Extenze’s natural herbal ingredients to get properly absorbed), some test subjects were earlier to respond;
  3. ExtenZe helps increase the blood flow to the penis by de-sludging the penile nerves. In effect, the penis becomes more sensitive, and easily sustains erection because blood flow is not hampered.

In conclusion, as long as Extenze is taken as directed, it delivers what it promises: bigger, longer and harder.

That’s all good but what does real life users of ExtenZe say about it?

Testimonials from ExtenZe users:

Wayne, Houston, Texas (Posted September 2019)

I always have intimacy issues with my girlfriend: I am prone to premature ejaculation, thus leaving her unfulfilled, and leaving me frustrated because I could no longer perform. It somehow threatened our relationship until one day I chance upon Extenze online. I was hesitant to sign up because the claims seem pie-in-the-sky, but I thought I had nothing to lose. Our relationship was worth keeping, so I gave Extenze a try. At first, I hadn’t noticed any big improvements; but I changed my lifestyle a bit. I tried to minimize my alcohol intake, and after only a week of doing so, I noticed I was more prone to getting erections when we get intimate. Before, she had to do a lot of work for ten minutes before I could even “rise to the occasion,” but now, it only takes one touch and I’m all game! I have never regretted my decision to give Extenze a try. It saved our relationship.

Watson, USA (Posted December 2019)

I am 58 years old. In my age, you can hardly get it up once a week, let alone every day. I have had a major operation in the past year, and that was a real slump. In all areas of my life. So you can just imagine how frustrating it can be to remain intimate with my wife of 19 years. People our age are not supposed to have stellar sex lives anymore, but not when you come across a product as safe and as effective as Extenze. It is made of natural herbs, so that makes it rather safe for me because I am still on maintenance medication. It is not fussy; you just have to pop the pill daily. Best of all, it is affordable. I couldn’t imagine spending thousands of dollars for an implant. With Extenze, I don’t feel any side effects altogether, making it an ideal supplement for me. It hits all the check marks in my boxes!

Final thoughts about it

There is no doubt that Extenze works, their website even state that they have sold more than a billion pills worldwide!

A product that has no effect would never sell that much.

I recommend ExtenZe pills if you’re after longer lasting and stronger erections!

Where should I buy it?

You can buy ExtenZe in several different stores across the US but we are not all from USA (Or you might not like the feeling of buying this kind of a product in person) and have to resort to other options.

The official web site is called and offers great discounts on muti packages buys – This is the way to go!